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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Magary Lord - Samba music from Brazil

Over last summer, I met a very very talented group of musicans and performers called 'Brazil! Brazil', managed by the amazing Toby Gough. They performed over the whole weekend at The Big Tent Festival

Magary has his own album 'Magary Black Semba' - this is what is said on the official Brazil! Brazil! page:

"After 5 years, Magary his debut album titled "Black Semba" and the hit single "Caxaxi". Since then, his work has spread like wild fire throughout Brazil performing in squares Tereza Batista, Pedro Archangel, Pelourinho and Cultural FIAC-International Arts Festival Cênicas/Bahia- 2008, and international music festivals. Magary's musical prowess is growing every day, gaining critical acclaim by international artists, tourists and cultural critics alike, who surrender the grace and beauty of his work, becoming die-hard fans."

When chatting to Magary, he explained that his music is is inspired through life, through experimenting with different rhythms a fusion of rhythm and ideas together...

Take a listen to his music on my space.