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Wedding & Portrait Photographer. covering, Fife, Scotland and the rest of the world!


I take photos to tell a story about your Wedding Day. There is so much planning and preparation, so much anticipation about a Wedding Day, and its my role as a Wedding Photographer to capture the essence of it for you.

When asked, most couples will say that they can't believe that such an important day can go by so quickly. This is why I make a point of capturing the details in things. Shoes waiting to be worn, or flowers waiting to be held, a kiss, or a hug between friends. These all help to tell the story about your special day, its unique and individual to you. This is also one of the things that I love so much about being a Wedding Photographer. Its fun and exciting capturing those special moments.

So…why hire a Wedding photographer? Why hire me?
To me, taking a photo is much more than just picking up a camera, and snapping a shot. There is a whole lot more than that! I’ve built a career in the caring profession. Where people skills, communication and connecting with others are essential. This is also true for photography. Connecting with your environment, and the people around you is one of the things I love about being a photographer. 
When I come to a Wedding, I bring along both of my professional level cameras, along with a range of lenses that are suitable for taking great portrait shots, and others for wide angle shots- good for groups, or to get the whole of a building in the photo. There are many different situations that you find yourself in as a Wedding Photographer, being inside a poorly lit building during the wedding ceremony, then outside with guests and the newly weds. This requires the right type of lenses, and good knowledge of your camera equipment in order to get the best results.