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Saturday, 27 November 2010

Perth Light

Perth Light Night

We ate our tea, wrapped the kids in loads of layers, and set off to Perth to enjoy the 'Light Night".

Yes, that dragon is holding a severed arm, whose I don't know! Things started looking over so magical and Christmassy when it started to snow!

As we set off towards the riverbank to go get a place to watch the fireworks - our eldest son managed to wonder off and get lost in the crowd - a scary moment - involving me shouting his name at the top of my voice, and going to the 'lost child' centre (building below left), and liaising with the staff on duty and the police. I think it was a 20 min saga - and I was ever so relieved to see him - and he I . Below on the left he retells his story to us about what happened to him. 

Once that was all ok, we went hand in hand to go watch the fire works!!!!! But we will be having more chats about what to do if he does loose sight of Mummy & Daddy again!

its been a bit of a late night - amazing fireworks and scary moments - we are all glad to be back home now!