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Monday, 6 December 2010

The Winter Wedding

The plans were made, the date and venue set - but nobody told the snow to stay away!
The day of Paz & Stephen's Wedding fast approached, and as the day got closer things were getting more and more wintry - especially in Fife were we live.  A few days before the Wedding, it was looking very unlikely that I was going to be able to get across Scotland across the Central Belt, and into Ayrshire for the Wedding. News reports like this didn't help my confidence either:

snow snow snow (news report)

So the day before the Wedding arrived, and the weather was just getting worse and worse! And I just had to get to this Wedding. As luck would have it, my good friend Iain from Thame Freight (in Oxfordshire) was dropping off some office chairs at the Museum in Perth, next on his route, was Glasgow and the Saltcoats - virtually passing door to door! An amazing co-incidence, and an opportunity not to be lost! So within 10 minutes, I had my bags packed, cameras and gear all ready and was on the road!

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The roads looked really snowy as we set out on the road

and things got whiter!!

the sun set, as we travelled down the motorway. 
But the roads were getting clearer the further west we got. 

We made it to the edge of the snow storm, and to see blue sky was beautiful and amazing. It had felt like it had been days since we had seen it! I loved the contrast here between the greys and snow at the edge of the storm and the beauty of the skies and sunset:

and seeing the sun on the mountains - it was breath takingly beautiful!

and so with the sun set, and Glasgow behind us, we made it to Dalgavern House Hotel. Thank you SO much Iain!!!

So with the wintry drive behind me, I set off to spend some time with the Bride & Groom and some other Wedding guests - who had travelled over from Ireland earlier that day.

Check back soon to hear about their special day :)


Steve said...

Well done Zoe :) Mammoth trek given the circumstances on the day!!

Hope you still managed to enjoy the day yourself. Looking forward to seeing the wedding images

Photos by Zoe said...

Thank you Steve :)

Tracy Morter said...

Beautiful! Love the sunset picture.

Photos by Zoe said...

Thank you Tracy! Yes, it was lovely seeing the sunset - it had been so many days since we had seen our last! I was glad to see the back of all the 'thundersnow' - dramatic as it was!

Paz and Stephen said...

You have such an amazing talent.You can make ordinary pictures,extraordinary.Thanks for bringing out the best in our wedding photos.Paz and Stephen Leblique xx

Annie said...

well done Zoe - you are a true star x

Naomi said...

Can't wait to see the wedding blogpost!! You got some beautiful shots out of the stressful drive too, well done all round. :)

iain said...

Great photos Zoe. Glad to have helped you out.
I've posted a link to this on the Thame Freight facebook page too.
See you soon.


Photos by Zoe said...

Thank you every one - with special thanks to Naomi in the first place for suggesting me to Paz, to Paz & Stephen for hiring me - and of course to Iain for getting me there!

Kevin Mullins said...

Well done - a very good effort. Shows the pro's attitude works. Hopefully we'll have a good summer and less of a harsh winter this year :-)