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Thursday, 9 December 2010

The snowy outside.

We had chatted, Paz & I about maybe getting some photos at the nearby Dalgarven MIll.  However, on the  actually day of the Wedding - it was obvious that it was just too cold to get the Wedding party out in wintry snow showers. But it seemed a shame to miss the fantastic chance to get some photos of the Mill. So I left the girls  getting their beauty treatments, and nipped round down the snowy path.

The walk down the mill path, looking over to Dalgarven House Hotel

reaching for the sky

Do you spot the little robin on top of the bin?

Little Robin Red Breast


Anonymous said...

you captured all the memories of that day.and it makes my wedding all the more special.

Tatjanna said...

Zoe!!! These are Brilliant!!! Love Love Love! The old water wheel is so cool! We don't have those in the part of the US I live in, since it wasn't populated by settlers until the 1800's. So it's really neat to see them. Lovely pictures all the way around!

Photos by Zoe said...

Thank you both!

Tatjanna, ahh our house it older than that! It was built in the 1750's!! I think maybe before that actually!

Thanks so much for all your lovely comments

Anonymous said...

These photos are so beautiful. You are very talented. Love your blog! :)

Photos by Zoe said...

HI Digi - thank you ever so much for your lovely comment!

Naomi said...

What great locations! Sad not to have been able to use them for wedding photos, that would have been gorgeous.

Photos by Zoe said...

Naomi - they would have made stunning Wedding shots- but, it was so bitterly cold, wasn't it! Just glad I got time to get round to get these so the moment wasn't gone completely.